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We are a creative curriculum school and place high value on the inter-relatedness of all learning. Our curriculum is delivered through exciting topics that aim to inspire and enthuse our children. Creative projects give children the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding across all areas of the curriculum.





Understanding Arts and Culture Faculty


We aim to bring art to life in the classroom through inspiring creative projects that are relevant to our children. Art and culture are integrated into our daily life and learning. Aspirational people from the world of art play a key role within our arts curriculum and enable our children to reflect on how creative expression shapes the world we live in.


We aim to bring music to life in the classroom through inspiring musical projects that are relevant to our children. Art and culture are integrated into our daily life and learning. Aspirational people from the world of music play a key role within our music curriculum.

Performing Arts

We passionately believe in the power of performing art as a platform for self-expression, creativity, exploration and joy. We strive to give our children every opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide variety of performing arts. Through our curriculum, children see the world through the eyes of performing artists and discover the riches of creative expression.


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Understanding the World Faculty


We aim to fill our children with curiosity and fascination about the world and its people; geography is brought to life through engaging projects that take our children outside the four walls of the classroom and out into the wider world. Children are inspired and motivated by real-life careers and aspirational people from the world of geography. We strive for our children to learn about their own environment through meaningful field-work and to gain a deep understanding about their own place in the world and the role they play in shaping the future


History is brought to life in our classrooms through inspiring projects that are focused around aspirational figures from our past and present; we aim for our children to understand their place in history and recognise their own role in shaping the future. We have high ambition for our children to become confident historians who can transfer their skills to the wider world.

Languages (Spanish)

We hope to instil a life-long love for languages within our children and to ignite their curiosity about cultures from around the world. Through engaging lessons, we aim to equip our children with the confidence to express themselves in Spanish. We have high ambition for our children to be able to communicate in Spanish for practical purposes. We wish to spark a desire to explore different places around the world and an interest in learning other languages in the future.


We strive to provide a questioning culture in which all our children are encouraged to reflect on matters of human responsibility and to think very deeply about the world and their own behaviour, personality and beliefs; they learn not only the facts about different religions but also about themselves and their place within the wider world. We celebrate diversity and challenge our children to think about a wide range of issues from different viewpoints. At every opportunity, we examine topical issues that help our children understand how individuals and communities can be impacted by events and circumstances in the world around them.

Global Citizenship

We are partnered with Adarsha School in Nepal as part of the Connecting Classrooms scheme.

Our whole curriculum aims to help our pupils gain awareness and understanding of the wider world – and their place in it. Through various projects, initiatives and learning opportunities, our pupils are encouraged to take an active role in the community and work with others to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable and fairer. We encourage our pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and values they need to engage with the world and teach them that we can all make a difference. Global citizenship at Peartree is about understanding that we can all work together to make a fairer, safer and happier world for everyone.


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Understanding Health and Wellbeing Faculty


We aim to give our children a life-long love for sports, creating a lasting legacy of fitness, health and well-being. We inspire our children to be the best athletes they can be through aspirational figures from the world of sport and actively build positive sporting relationships within the community. We instil a desire in our pupils to be successful in all they do and promote a healthy competitive attitude to help them succeed in all areas of life.


The well-being of our children is paramount and we aim to equip them with the skills needed to be well-balanced, happy, confident and healthy members of British society. We nurture our children’s understanding of mental health and well-being as well as teaching them to understand the importance of maintaining physical health. We aim to develop understanding of their personal responsibility towards themselves and others so that they flourish as individuals within the community. We strive to provide a nurturing culture in which all children are valued, heard and supported. Our goal is to ensure that our children feel safe and know how to ask for help.

Outdoor Learning

We are lucky to have extensive school grounds and our teachers plan lessons that take the children outdoors at every opportunity. We believe that outdoor learning is enriching and ensures positive, innovative and creative learning experiences for all our pupils.


PE Curriculum Coverage and Beacons 2021 Download
Understanding Science and Technology Faculty


We aim to harness our children’s natural curiosity and inquisitiveness about the world. Our children are equipped with knowledge and understanding through fun and engaging scientific enquiries that have a real-world context. We aim to foster a love of investigation and actively promote independent discovery. We strive for our children to understand the uses and implications of science in the wider world, and to inspire them to become scientists of the future.


We have high ambition for all our children to flourish in today’s technological society; we aim to empower them to confidently, safely and responsibly use technology in all aspects of their lives. Computing is brought to life in our classrooms through inspiring technological projects that are relevant to our children and provide a real-world context to their learning.


We strive for all our children to flourish in today’s technological and design rich society. We aim to inspire them to be innovative and inventive thinkers. Our children have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skill-sets through aspirational projects linked to real professions, iconic structures and influential role models.


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We aim to grow lifelong maths learners who have learnt skills they need for the real world as well as developing a love for learning maths.  We use practical resources, models and questioning variation to support and extend our learning.  All children achieve their potential through well-pitched, challenging learning that meets their needs.


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We passionately believe that it is our responsibility to teach our children to speak, read and write fluently so that they can effectively communicate their thoughts, feelings, ideas and learning about the world around them.  Through daily exposure to rich texts, we aim to excite our children about the wealth of knowledge they can find inside the pages of a book and inspire them to seek out even more.  It is our ambition to instil a love for reading within all our children so that they become lifelong readers with the skills to express themselves creatively, articulate their thoughts clearly and engage confidently within society.


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