Welcome to the Governing Board of Peartree Spring Primary School
Governors work as a team. We are responsible for making sure Peartree Spring Primary School provides a good quality education for all of our pupils.
Raising educational standards in our school is a key priority. We all have the best chance of succeeding when there are high expectations of what all our pupils can achieve.
Governing boards are accountable to parents, the local community, and the Local Authority (Hertfordshire County Council). Appointments to our Governing Board are made for three or usually for four years. The governing board’s main role is to help raise pupils’ standards of achievement.
Our Governing Board:
  • is accountable for the performance of the school to both parents and the wider community plans, along with the senior leadership team of the school, the school’s future direction
  • selects a head teacher, where appropriate
  • scrutinises decisions on the school’s budget and staffing including the performance management policy
  • makes sure the agreed Curriculum is well taught, and often visits the school to observe lessons and school activities
  • agrees how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral, and cultural development
  • ensures the school provides a great learning environment for all pupils, including those with special needs.
Governors are at the heart of how our school operates. It’s important we get things right. How we do our job effects the interests of pupils, staff, and the reputation of the school in the community.
Governors support and critically appraise the school’s performance by gathering views, asking questions, and discussing what’s best for the school as whole. As a team, we can significantly contribute to the overall, ongoing successes of Peartree Spring Primary School.
Every school Governor is proud to work alongside a team of dedicated, professional management and teaching staff and we always welcome open and honest conversations.
We are not here to rubber stamp decisions. We must be prepared to give and take advice and must be loyal to decisions made by the governing board. Often, as Governors, we have to undergo comprehensive training, legal inspections and Safeguarding circumstances.
To be a Governor at Peartree Spring Primary School, you must consistently show commitment, demonstrate tenacity and spend time reading reports, analysing articles and data and perform duties in the ilk of being a ‘critical friend’ of the school.
If we act within the law and take appropriate advice, Governors are protected from any financial liability for the decisions we take.
Meet the Governing Board
Name Date of appointment Term of office  


Hollie Common



Academy Working Group

Draft FGB minutes


Madani (Riad)


Associate Member

13th Dec 2021 13 Dec 2021 to 12 Dec 2025  Behaviour
Hasina Begum

Local Authority Governor

05 Dec 202205 04 Dec 2026
Maria Newhouse

Associate Member

1 September 2021 01 Sep 2021 to 31 Aug 2025 Resources

Academy Working Group

Erica Pamboris

Chair of Governors

Parent Governor


05 Dec 2022 05 Dec 2022 to 04 Dec 2026 Pay Review Committee

Academy Working Group

Teaching, Learning & Outcome



Janet Raynor

Vice-Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

1 September 2018 01 Sep 2018 to 31 Aug 2022 Resources


Pay Review Committee

Health & Safety

Teresa Skeggs


1 Jan 2014 present Resources

Academy Working Group

Neil Johnstone

Safeguarding Governor

11 July 2023 10th July 2027 Safeguarding /CLA
Anne Weaver

Associate Member

01 Jan 2015 present Resources

Academy Working Group



Anna Giles

Staff Governor

01 Sept 2021 01 Sept 2021 to 31 Aug 2025 Willow Centre


Governor Attendance Meetings 2021/2022


 Present 13/12/2021 14/03/2022 23/05/2022 11/07/2022 13/09/22
Headteacher Teresa Skeggs (HT) Y Y Y Y Y
Janet Raynor (JR) Y Y Y Y N
Pauline Foley (PF) Y Y Y Y Y
Angharad Paterson (AP) Y Y Y Y Y
Oliver Furniss (OF) Y Y Y
Anna Maria Giles (AMG) Y Y Y Y Y
Riad Mannon (RM) Y Y Y Y N
Chris Oak (CO) Y N
In attendance
Associate Member – Maria Newhouse (MN) Y Y Y Y Y
Associate Member – Anne Weaver (AW) Y Y Y Y Y


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