Class Charters

We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning by promoting our children to work together with their classmates to create their Class Charter. Children share their ideas to create a charter that determines the rules and expectations of their classroom. Every Class Charter acts as a reminder of the expectations that our classmates have for each other, and the actions that create a positive learning environment. Here are some of our creative Class Charters from across our school:

Golden Time Displays

Our ‘Golden Time’ displays showcase our Stars of the Week, providing children the chance to feel proud and the encouragement to aim high! The sunshine charts promote positive behaviour and provide a visual reminder to children to ensure they demonstrate high standards of behaviour.


Using the Marvellous Me helps helps us share wonderful learning and social behaviour that we see in school with the adults at home. The app allows us to award badges for a wide variety of behaviour and news about what individuals have got up to each day.

We have created a selection of our own badges to reflect our own ethos.

Learn more about the app…


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