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We will be continue to explore Dick King Smith’s fantastic tale of ‘The Finger Eater’. We will continue to use the story to support our deepening of Year 3 grammar, spelling and creative writing skills. We will then use all of these skills to help us write our own version of the story.


 Fluency: Fluency sessions will consolidate and ‘overlearn’ key skills from Key Stage 1 and previous Year 3 sessions so that they are kept fresh and used correctly throughout all work.

Handwriting: We will have daily handwriting sessions that will teach the children correct letter formation, joins and how to use a pen correctly.

Spelling and Phonics: We will begin Year 3 by consolidating our phonics knowledge using Monster phonics. We will address any gaps in learning and assess their understanding of High Frequency words too.

World Book Day


Number: We will continue to learn how to find unit and non unit fractions of amounts and shapes. We will also look at equivalent fractions and play games to consolidate these skills.

We will also look at real life problems and will be frequently using our times tables during Maths Week. After Maths Week, we will consolidate our use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, both mental and written.

We will continue to learn our times tables and use TTrockstars to consolidate our learning and improve both speed and recall.

Fluency: During fluency sessions, we will address any gaps in learning from last spring and summer and build on this knowledge to meet Year 3 expectations. These sessions will be quick games and lots of fun for everyone but are vital for the children during this unusual time.

Times tables:

The children will be encouraged to use TTRockstars to build their speed and fluency with their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will begin to learn our 3 and 6 times tables in class and strengthen recall with TTRockstars and other games.

Understanding Science and Technology




Plants! We will look at the parts of flowering plants and explain their function. We will learn how to look after our own seedlings and what the plants need to thrive and survive. Through practical investigations and close observations, we will learn how water is transported by plants before learning how plants reproduce and transport seeds.

DT: We will continue to create our own moving pivot puppets using linkages and pivot points.

Computing: We will use scratch to learn how to create algorithms to instruct the sprite to move in specific ways using a careful set of instructions.

Understanding the World

History: We will explore The Stone Age and Iron Age this term. We will look at how people lived, what life was like  for different groups of people and some key historical events and places of this time.



We will learn how to say and talk about different musical instruments to compliment our Music topic.


Hinduism: We will explore life as a Hindu child and compare it their own, We will also learn about festivals, key beliefs and the local Hindu community





  We use Language angels to support our teaching and learning across Key Stage 2.

Understanding our Health and Well-Being

PE: We will begin swimming lessons this term along with tennis skills/ ball games.

PSHCE: ‘Relationships’ is our first Summer topic and we will concentrate on positive friendships and healthy relationships.


Understanding Arts and Culture


In Savannah Class we LOVE sketching!!

How amazing are our ‘Tiger eye’ sketches?







Art: We are looking at the art work of Van Gogh and how he used paint and pastels to create expressive painting of landscapes and flowers.

Music: We will explore music from around the world and play and identify instruments from different places and cultures.




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