Savannah Class 22-23

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Welcome to Savannah Class.

Your teacher is Mrs Sinclair and your TA is Miss Smith.





Number: This term, we will use a range of manipulatives and models to support the children with place value and their understanding of the number system. We will play games to explore place value of 3 digit numbers.

Fractions: We will explore fractions of shapes and numbers. We will learn how to identify and find ½, ¼ and ¾ of a shape and number.

Fluency: During fluency sessions, we will address any gaps in learning from last spring and summer and build on this knowledge to meet Year 3 expectations. These sessions will be quick games and lots of fun for everyone but are vital for the children to consolidate previous learning and build upon skills.

Times tables: The children will be encouraged to use TTRockstars to build their speed and fluency with their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

We will begin this year with a whole school writing project using the amazing book Africa Amazing Africa. We will learn all about this amazing continent and use it to create our own writing inspired by our Rainforest rangers project.

We will then start reading and exploring The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. We will explore the structure, plot and characters of the story before mimicking the writing style and learning new grammatical skills as well as recapping and consolidating Year 2 skills. We will then begin to create our own story based on the original.

Spellings: We will begin Year 3 by consolidating our phonics knowledge using Monster phonics. We will address any gaps in learning and assess their understanding of High Frequency words too. We will then move onto Year 3 spellings.

Science: We will explore how a range of animals, including humans, need healthy diets to thrive in their environments. We will also look at how some animals have skeletons and muscles for protection and movement. We will look at the function of these features as well as finding out amazing and bizarre ways that animals have adapted to their environments.

Design and Technology: We will design a healthy menu for our rainforest adventure and use food preparation techniques and skills to prepare these snacks.

Computing: We will begin our computing topic by comparing digital and non-digital devices. Next, we will be introduced to computer networks, including devices that make up a network’s infrastructure, such as wireless access points and switches. Finally, learners will discover the benefits of connecting devices in a network.

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Geography: Using our Science knowledge, we will explore the woodland area in our school grounds, mapping out habitats and detailing any environmental issues. We will then compare this to the rainforest habitats we have been learning about.

RE: We will be exploring Hindu and Christian festivals, traditions  and key events.

Spanish: As an introduction to Spanish, we will learn how to say specific Spanish letters/sounds to aid our pronunciation of key vocabulary.

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Art: We will read and explore The fantastic jungles of Henri Rousseau’ by Michelle Markel and learn about the life and art of Henri Rousseau. We will learn the techniques of collage and how to create bold images with paper to mimic the rainforests we have been looking at in Geography. His jungle artwork will become our inspiration for our own rainforest collages.

Music: We will explore different ways to communicate through music and differences in dynamics, pitch and tempo. We will create music that fits into our Rainforest project.

Savannah Class will also be the first class to learn how to play the violin this year.

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PE: We will be creating jungle animal balances and sequences in gymnastics and playing tag rugby, focusing on moving appropriately in game situations as well as throwing and catching skills

PSHCE: We will be learning about ‘Being Me in My Own World’ and discussing how to face challenges.

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