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 Welcome to Rockies Class!

Your teacher is Ms Dell

Your TA is Mrs Tyack

   Below is the curriculum overview for the Spring 1 2022.


  Our Topic for Spring is Changing World.


Night of the Gargoyles by Eve Bunting

Narrative: We will be looking at the picture book, The Night of the Gargoyles by Eve Bunting to develop our skills in writing to create atmosphere. Our focus will be on developing our vocabulary choices in order to create gothic tales of suspense.

Grammar: We will be developing our understanding of synonyms and antonyms in order to improve our word choices. We will explore how we use adverbs to show possibility and continue to learn to use a variety of punctuation.

Spelling: We will be working on our spelling lists based on Key Stage 2 spellings.

Narrative:  We will be learning to write newspaper reports and will focus on formal and informal language and punctuating dialogue accurately.



Daily Fluency: We will spend time every day working on our core arithmetic skills for mental calculation strategies.

Statistics: We will be learning how to find the area of triangles.

Fractions: We will be learning how to multiply and divide fractions and how to solve problems involving fractions.


Understanding Science and Technology

Science: This term we will be studying living things and their habitats. We will learn how to classify plants and animals and investigate how microorganisms can be helpful or harmful.


 Computing: We will be learning how to use CAD software for our architecture project.


We are using micro-bits to develop  our coding and programming skills by giving instructions and de-bugging problems.

DT: We will be learning about product design for our architecture project. The children will research, design and build a quality, complex structure from a range of materials.

Understanding the World


We will be learning about how the British landscape has changed over time due to weathering. We will use maps to explore how the borders across Europe have changed since WW1.


We will be learning about the roles of religious leaders of Christianity and Buddhism.


We will be learning to develop our skills using new vocabulary linked to habitats.

Understanding Arts and Culture

Music: We will create compositions using musical notation and lyrics and perform our final pieces.


Art: We will master our watercolour painting skills by studying Monet to create images of lily pads and ponds.

Have a look at our Rembrance week art!



Understanding our Health and Well-Being

PE: We will be continuing to develop our skills in invasion games, exploring rugby and netball.

PSHE: We will be exploring the topic of Dreams and Goals, sharing our aspirations for the future and how we might achieve them.


Star of the week this week is Jack!

Well done for your resilience and super hard work!


TT Rock Star this week is Jonas! Fantastic!



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