Rockies Class 22-23

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Welcome to Rockies Class!

Here are some of the wonderful children in Rockies class on their first day in Year 6.

Our Class Representatives

‘One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.’ – Malala Yousafzai


Here’s a sneak peek of what we have been up to…

Eat Them to Defeat Them! 

World Book Day

On the 2nd March, we celebrated our love of reading by dressing up as our favourite book characters. Take a look at some of our brilliant costumes.

Christmas Dinner

We had a lovely time eating our Christmas dinner with our friends!

Imperial War Museum Duxford

We visited the Imperial War Museum Duxford, which is a historic airfield and museum telling the stories of those who lived, fought and died in war from WW1 to 1969. We had a fantastic time exploring and making our own videos.

Elf Day

We had great fun dressing up as elves to  raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society. Alzheimer’s Society is a charity that supports people with dementia.

Winter Jumper Day

In support of Save the Children UK, we came to school in our Winter Jumpers. Well done to everyone for designing wonderful jumpers as part of the annual competition and congratulations Jessica for being chosen as the winner!

Remembrance Day

Some of our learning so far…

History – Maya Civilisation

In History, we have been learning about the Maya Civilisation. We have learned that Mayan masks were worn for various occasions – like decorating the faces of the dead, for celebrations and events and in battle. The more important the mask the more intricate it would be. Take a look at some of our masks that we have made:

Art – Sculptures

In Art, we have explored different sculptures. We designed our own space-related sculptures, inspired by the work of other sculptors such as: Alexander Calder, Alicja Kwade and Rob Yssel. We made our designs out of clay…

…and then painted them when they were dry. Ta-daa!

Design and Technology – Sewing

We had lots of fun designing and making our own mobile phone cases. We looked at different types of stitching including: running stitch, whipstitch, and backstitch.

Art – Impressionism

We have learned that Impressionism was a French artistic movement which began in the 19th century in Paris. We recreated a famous painting created by Claude Monet using use thin, small brush strokes.


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