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Well done to this week’s stars:

Nuraz – for excellent independent writing during our people who help us lesson.





In Reception, we aim to promote ‘The Characteristics of Effective Learning’ to create enthusiastic, resilient and life-long learners. We achieve this through developing the following skills:

  • Engagement
  • Motivation
  • Thinking
  • Independence


The curriculum is split into 7 areas; 3 Prime areas and 4 Specific areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional development encourages children to build positive relationships with one another and understand their emotions.


Communication and Language allows children to learn new vocabulary and use this within their conversations. Children also develop their listening skills through taking the time to listen to one another and those around them.


Within Physical development, the children work on developing their gross motor skills as well as their fine motor skills.

In Literacy the children start their phonetic journey. They explore writing through sensory play which allows them to build their confidence in forming letters.

The children explore different types of texts and begin to develop their levels of enjoyment.

In Maths we explore numbers up to 5 through a range of methods including singing songs and using concrete materials. We also learn about shape and measure.

In Understanding the World, children learn place within the world. They also investigate using their senses and are encouraged to describe their findings.



Expressive Arts and Design allows children to explore their creative side through a range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play and construction.

Children learn through a mix of adult led and child initiated learning. The Foundation Stage Curriculum is based on the recognition that children learn best through play and active learning.


This week the children have been introduced to Guided Reading. Once a week your children will be read to by the teacher where they will be assessed on their comprehension skills. Additional reading will be done by the Teaching Assistance. To encourage a love for reading the children will also have a choice of library books to take home. The library books are for pleasure and for you and your child to enjoy together. Your monkey books will be changed every day and once a week your children will bring home a book that they have been reading during their guided reading session. On behalf of the Reception team, we do please ask to return the guided reading books the following day for other children to enjoy.

W/C 8th November the children have been learning about Remembrance. In reception we focused on animals that died in the war and have paid our respects by making poppies, talking about the importance, exploring a poem with a poppy theme and contributing towards a 2 minute silence.

At Peartree Spring we use the Monster Phonics Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme. The children have been learning their first sounds brilliantly! We will soon be offering a workshop to parents to support your children at home with the sounds that they have been learning. We have learnt the following sounds so far: S,A,T,P,I,N,M,D,G,O,C,K,CK,E,U,R,H,B,F,L,S,J.

Take a look at the two new areas in Hedgehogs. We have introduced a jungle in the small world and a construction area.

A big thankyou to all of the pictures sent by parents. Looks like you have all had a lovely time enjoying Bonfire night and Halloween with your families and friends.




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