Butterfly Class 21-22

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Welcome to Butterfly Class – it’s lovely to have you here!

Your Teacher is Miss Brown.

Your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Meddeman.

Come and take a look around our classroom!

Summer Term

Sports Day

We had an amazing time during our KS1 Sports Day! We worked well as a team to support our friends in their coloured houses and enjoyed taking part in both running races and multi-skill races! 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

We really enjoyed learning about the Queen’s life and particularly enjoyed learning about when she became Queen after she was born a Princess. We practiced our royal wave, wore our favourite red, white and blue clothes to school and learnt how to bow and curtsy!

We were then super surprised to see the Queen visit our school – here we are!

Our Class Assembly

We had so much fun creating and performing a story all about a cat who was employed as the Pirate’s Captain on ship! We told a story about how we travelled around the world and visited lots of different countries, bumping into a lot of animals! Here we are having fun using the green screen, researching our animal facts and creating our Pirate beards!


Ahoy there!

This term our topic is ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’. We have already been busy learning about sea shanties, creating our own treasure maps and learning how to use a key whilst orienteering. Our role play area is a perfect space for us to practice learning our Pirate language, getting into character by dressing up or designing a treasure map!

Mental Health Awareness Week

We have learnt how to look after our mental health and well-being by participating in calming activities that can also be completed at home! We have been learning about the importance of keeping our brains healthy. To raise awareness of how important it is to look after our mental well-being, we wore green for a day! Here we are enjoying the sunshine! 

Spring Term


We hope you had as much of a ”hoppy’ Easter as we did! We took part in our school Easter bonnet parade. Here are some of our incredible designs! 

Comic Relief 2022

In aid of Comic Relief this year, on Red Nose Day we treated ourselves to a day in our pyjamas!

We are super proud of how much money we have raised for such a fantastic charity!

World Book Day 2022 

To celebrate World Book Day this year, we stepped into our favourite book and enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book character for the day! We challenged ourselves to calling each other by our character name for the day – this was trickier than we expected it to be but super fun!

Here we are – can you guess any of our characters?

We also took part in a fantastic competition in aid of World Book Day. Here we are posting our class’ golden tickets which we won from reading so much during the week at home! 


Our Topic this term is called ‘Down at the Bottom of the Garden’. We will be using a variety of resources to explore habitats, plants and animals. Our role play area is a beautiful garden ready for you to plant seeds, dress up as a bumblebee, Beekeeper or a gardener! Keep your plants fed and watered by using the watering cans to keep them growing. You can also read a lovely story in the garden or write your very own!

So far, we have used information books to hold discussions about what we would like to learn within our topic. We thought of some fantastic questions:

 ‘Are all butterflies the same size?’, ‘Where do caterpillars sleep?’, ‘Where does soil come from?’, ‘How do plants grow tall?’

 We are really looking forward to finding out the answers to these soon!


We will continue reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Currently, we are learning about the journey post takes when we pop a letter in the post box! We are reading the fabulous story ‘Here Comes Mr Postmouse’, written by Marianne Dubuc. 


We will be learning to sequence events, the days of the week and the months, learning to use measure and using scales to explore equality and balance. So far, we have used the scales to practise using the correct language when balancing equal amounts on both sides. This has really helped us to understand how heavy objects feel. We particularly enjoyed learning why some objects were possibly heavier than others, and were surprised at how light others were!

Art and Design

We have explored the beautiful artwork of Rosalind Monks and have been inspired by her creations to create our very own sketches of insects and animals. After familiarising ourselves with clay and strengthening our fine motor skills through a variety of movements, we then used our beautiful sketches to help us create a clay model of our design. Then, we painted them in black and white to represent Monks signature style.

We are super proud of our hard work and enjoyed creating detailed patterns in the style of Rosalind Monks. 


In PE, we are learning how to develop balance, agility and coordination through Yoga. We are learning the importance of having a clear mind and participating in fantastic breathing strategies, designed to help us understand how we can look after our mental health and well-being, by feeling calm and focused. We have then used these breathing strategies to support us with holding our balances in yoga|! It’s been great fun so far!


Autumn term
Our Topic this term is called ‘Up, Up and Away’. We will be using a variety of sources to research the historical figure, Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly an aeroplane alone. We will also be exploring and learning about different forms of travel in the sky and using our imagination to design our very own aircrafts!

Understanding the World

Art and Design, DT and Science

During the Autumn term, we will focus on identifying the primary colours and using these to create the secondary colours. We will be learning about the famous artist Gil Haller and using her beautiful artwork to inspire us to create our own. We will then design and build our very own purposeful aircraft in DT with a variety of materials. We will work scientifically to explore what makes a fair test by competing against our peers in an aircraft race! We will discuss and record our findings, to evaluate why we think our aircrafts were successful or unsuccessful in the experiment.


We will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. So far this term, our key texts have helped us to learn about what makes a great sentence, the key features of a title page and the use of punctuation.

We will also perform our key texts to our peers in sessions called ‘helicopter story time’. So far, this has really helped developed the children’s confidence and their understanding of the characters role within a story. The children enjoy using props and resources to enhance their performance.

We had an amazing WOW! Day and travelled in our aeroplane dressed up as all of the characters from Emma Jane’s Aeroplane!

Next, we will be popping on our imagination hats as we venture into our new book – Stanley’s Stick, written by John Hegley and illustrated by Neal Layton. We will take a lovely Autumnal walk into the forest to search for the best stick! Then, we will put pencil to paper and use adjectives to describe how our stick may be used, remembering to include our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


We will be learning how to subitise numbers 0-10 and learning to recognise numbers up to 10. We will also be using tens frames to estimate an amount and using these to write number sentences. We will be using lots of concrete resources to support with our learning, and challenge ourselves to applying the skill that we have learnt in our lessons, to other subjects within the curriculum.

Christmas 2021

We have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world, whilst working extremely hard on our Nativity! We have also been busy writing special letters to Father Christmas, creating our own Christmas decorations and learning how to wrap presents in our Christmas role play area. We also enjoyed working in our Butterfly workshop, dressed as Elves on our Elf Day. We are very proud to have raised lots of money for the fantastic charity, ‘Alzheimer’s Society’. 

Our Proud Moments

We are super proud of our learning so far this term. View our gallery to see a snippet of what we have been up to!  

We are also very proud of our friends for achieving Star of the Week this week and the Monster Phonics Star award!

Star of the Week

Jaxson – for his wonderful description of a setting in English!

Monster Phonics Star

Mahi – for her wonderful confidence in Phonics this week!



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