Butterfly Class 22-23

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Welcome to Butterfly Class – it’s lovely to have you here!

Your Teacher is Miss Brown.

Your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Attwood. 

We are super excited to show you our classroom and our learning!

Summer Term

Old MacDonald’s Farm

We had an absolutely fantastic time together at Old Macdonald’s Farm this term! In English, we have been using non-fiction texts to build on our understanding of an animal or an area! This was perfect preparation for our trip, as we identified all of the non-fiction information displayed around the farm, and shared fun facts with our friends about the animals we could see! We really did have such a super time petting the animals, going on the rides, getting lost in the maze and singing ‘Old MacDonald has a farm’ the entire way there and back! 

Can you spot any of your favourite animals? 

Art and Design

We have been super inspired by Rosalind Monks’ beautiful artwork and have had a go at sketching our own insects using the detail she so cleverly includes in her sketches!

We then used our designs to create a clay sculpture of an insect we would find at the bottom of the garden! Do you recognise any of the insects we made?


Our Topic this term is ‘Down at the Bottom of the Garden’. We will be observing and comparing seeds and bulbs, identifying parts of a plant and planting our own plants to observe what a plant needs to survive!

In Geography, we have learnt about the countries within the United Kingdom! We used our knowledge of North, East, South and West to explain where these countries are in comparison to England. We then learnt about the famous landmarks in London and shared our own experiences of our trips with family to London! We built our own city using blocks and identified the famous landmarks on a map. 


In Maths, we have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have used objects to group amounts, before finding the whole number! 

Spring Term 

World Book Day

To celebrate our love for fiction and non-fiction books, we transformed into our favourite fictional characters for the day! As a class, we have been reading Paddington Bear and were super inspired by his determination to sketch a self-portrait! We gave ourselves the challenge of sketching our characters by using a mirror to observe our reflection and pencils to add texture. We also created collage bookmarks, dived into new genres of books and participated in a Wold Book Day parade!

Can you spot any of your favourite fictional characters? 

LGBT History Month

We have enjoyed exploring the styles and techniques of Kadinsky’s beautiful artwork this term, and were very inspired by his use of colour within his paintings. As part of LGTB History Month and this new, creative inspiration of ours, we used watercolours to design colourful hearts in the style of Kadinsky! Aren’t they absolutely beautiful! 

We also learnt about the importance of respecting others and their choices, whilst having lovely discussions about our families and what makes us all unique!

Play and Learn

Ahoy there! As part of our Pirates topic, We have enjoyed dressing up as pirates and digging for lots of treasure in the sand! 

Careers Day

We were super excited to dive into our fancy dress box and dress up as the career we thrive to do when we grow up! We shared our thoughts about why we want to do the job we want to and enjoyed participating in role play to act out jobs our careers will involve!

Some of us aspire to be Vets, Police Officers, Doctors and Builders! 

How many different jobs can you see? 

Autumn Term

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We have been super busy enjoying Christmas festivities at school and raising money for charities too! We were incredibly excited by the snow and were very quick to pop our coats, gloves and hats on to make snowmen and snow angels with our friends! 


We enjoyed performing our first Nativity on the stage and absolutely loved performing for our adults! Here’s a sneak peak of one of our Angels, Wise Men and Narrators!

Well done year 1! It was a joy to watch you all shine on stage – you were absolutely amazing and we are all super, super proud of you!

Pantomime; Cinderella

We visited the pantomime – Oh yes we did!

We had a fantastic time watching the story of Cinderella unfold on stage and joining in with the audience. We even learnt just how strong we really are when playing Buttons’ enormous drum! 

Christmas Dinner

We absolutely love a roast to keep us warm in Winter! So when Christmas dinner day came around at school, we were all very excited to find our favourite Christmas jumpers, make our Christmas hats and eat our tasty dinners with all of our friends!

Elf Day and Christmas Jumper Day 

To raise money for the wonderful charities, Alzheimer’s Society and Save the Children we, (along with our teachers!) dressed up as elves for the day and brought out our favourite Christmas jumpers to wear too. Here we are causing mischief as elves!

Children In Need 2022

To raise money towards supporting disadvantaged children and young people around the UK, we wore our ‘SPOT-acular’ outfits for the day and took part in a fantastic charity catwalk!  We learnt about the importance of being kind to others and shared our thoughts on how we can help those around us.

Here’s some of us looking SPOT-acular!


Our Topic this term is called ‘All Aboard!’. We will be learning about different types of transport and will be working hard to strengthen our fine motor skills in our mechanic’s garage role play area! As a team, we will develop our communication skills to help fix any vehicle that comes our way and be sure to write a personalised receipt for our customers! 

Remembrance Day

We came together to remember those who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life. We participated in making poppies for our wonderful vigil, and were silent for 2 minutes to remember those who have fallen. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

We came together with our peers and teachers to learn about important ways we can look after our mental health and well-being. We wore yellow to raise money for charity and enjoyed exploring new ways to understand and tune into our emotions! 

Harvest Festival 

We enjoyed learning about how the fruit and vegetables we eat are grown and harvested earlier this term! We thought about the different ways foods are harvested and explored the reasons why. We were super enthusiastic about sharing our own experiences of growing and harvesting home-grown fruits and veg!

As part of our whole school Art focus to celebrate  Harvest Festival, we experimented with different objects to create texture when painting our very own version of Van Gogh’s famous ‘Wheat Field’. Take a look at our beautiful artwork! 

In Play and Learn, we have enjoyed reading a book independently and with our friends, completing super tricky puzzles and practicing our phonics words! 


In English, our Rich Text is ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell and Helen Oxenbury. So far, we have dipped into our imagination and been left on a cliff hanger when reading the story together! We created some wonderful ideas by predicting the end of the story, independently written the real ending of the story in our Big Write lessons and explored the use of adjectives to describe the characters – it’s been great fun!


In Maths, we have used lots of concrete resources and learnt how to use tens frames effectively, to help us find one more and one less of a number. We have also learnt many ways in which objects can be sorted! After sorting our objects into groups of colour, size and objects, we then spoke to our peers to compare how we had sorted our objects in comparison to them. This was super helpful as we were able to explore other ways our objects could be sorted! We have also used new mathematical language to compare groups of objects. Our key words this week are ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’.

Our Proud Moments

We are also very proud of our friends for achieving Star of the Week this week and the Monster Phonics Star award!

Star of the Week

Ida for her fantastic predictions about our new key text!

Reading Star

Elijah for his incredible determination to read HFW in Guided Reading.

Maths Star

Laurence for his amazing independent learning based on finding halves and quarters of an amount!



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